Should I Transition to Doing Business Electronically?

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The Way Of The Hippo

The electronic business comprises many things in the Medicare space and in the business space in general. Consider that things like inflation before going down this road of justifying if technology is the Enemy or the Ally.

In today’s day in age, inflation is skyrocketing and there are more living breathing people in the world looking to eat up bandwidth and Jobs than before. As a result, we as human beings have more options than we ever have. There is no longer the natural incentive to invest in a business professional who does not seem to have it all together if you are a consumer. Rather; consumerism is justifying the need to get the best results as fast as possible so you can carry on with your life and move on to your next project.

Being a business owner means working in tandem with the solutions that your customers need the most. But the issue comes when we do not have the system or tools in place to operate as quickly as our customers want us to, while also being efficient enough to have proper record keeping, which includes paper trails of our transactions that are compliant, record keeping that allows us to keep our business books in order, and the ability to step in and out of our business, with a poise or a flow that leaves us not missing a beat.

Have you ever seen how large at mass a Hippo is? These animals weigh up to 3,500 pounds at the largest. That means these animals weigh as much as a Honda Accord full-sized family in Sudan. But did you know that these animals are more deadly in the water than they are out of the water, although they are land mammals?

As business owners, consider the way of the Hippo. The ability to be deadly in or out of different environments gives you the highest success rate of stacking up numbers. In today’s culture of business, there are more obstacles to come over, more choices to be had, and with inflation the way it is, we need to do more business than ever before to stay ahead, while we have more competition than ever before.

Adapting to the settings necessary to perform at our highest left is what it means to embrace the way of the Hippo. The bigger you are, the more deadly you can be if you are capable of adapting to the environment around you. Technology is that environment and like water, it isn’t going anywhere. It is necessary in today’s culture, and without it, we will run dry and lose our advantage.

The Layers to the Medicare Business and Why
Is my FMO really earning their override?

If we are honest with ourselves, we likely say we have given thought to the amount of money that is being made by the person/entity that resides above us within our space This is not a wrong thought to have, in fact; it’s advisable to always analyze who you are doing business with and whether this person/entity is positioned where they are to support you effectively and if this person is earning their take.

    • This said, one of the common questions asked amongst mastermind groups and board meetings to excavate any other possibilities and alternatives is, “What other possibilities are there, and how would this be different if…”
    • This can open our minds to the what-if possibilities and help us truly determine if we are placing our business where we should.

Some of the questions we always encourage agents to ask themselves once they have tapped into this state of mind are,

  • What services does my up-line provide that I lean on?
    • Are these services Vital to how my business operates today and in my success or lack thereof?
    • Would I be able to replicate these services easily and support layers on my own?
  • Are there areas in my business where I need more support but I’m not getting it?
    • If not, am I not getting this support because it’s not offered/available, or have I simply not taken advantage of what my up-line fully offers?
  • Do I Find my wish I had my online support but I struggle to trust anybody else to help me grow my business? I want to do it my way
  • Do you see your up-line supporting some agents more than they support you?
    • Do these agents seem favored due to personal relationships or could it be resulting from their engagement with your up-line?
  • Do I want to leave my up-line because things aren’t perfect or because they have clearly shown me that they are not capable of helping me grow my business?

As you can imagine, Choosing an up-line can be a very hard decision and one that changes the course of your business forever, but leaving one you have a current relationship with can be even harder. It takes a lot of courage to break a relationship, especially one that has this impact. However; if you can ask yourself some of the above questions, it is possible that clarity may seem nearer than you imagined. Remember that, it is not about how much money your up-line makes, but what is your up-line doing with that money to help you succeed. After all, we all need to earn a buck, but with great power, comes great responsibility.

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