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Are you a licensed insurance agent or have you considered a life insurance career in Peoria, AZ? We’re here to tell you, there is amazing satisfaction when it comes to helping people protect their financial future. For those that have been in the business for any length of time, you have probably run across a client or two that has been given bad advice. Advice that leaves that person open to risk and an uncertain future. At The Premier Agency, we empower our agents to take control of their agency by providing them access to state-of-the-art tools and resources to ensure their clients receive the best advice and service possible. We position agents and agencies to achieve instant success with best-in-class technology and well-established partner networks. Whether you’re new to the industry and looking for insurance jobs “near me” at a solid place to learn and grow, a veteran inundated with an administrative load, or an agency seeking reliable Medicare insurance agent support, The Premier Agency is here to help.
Did you know that every day, 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old? Better yet, by the year 2035, we are estimated to have 80 million people aged 65+ and eligible for Medicare. Are you ready to start serving this need? To build a life insurance career in Peoria, AZ, and be a successful independent insurance agent with a strong residual income, you DO NOT have to spend years without a consistent paycheck and buried in endless paperwork.

New Agents Who Are Considering Selling Medicare Products

Support isn’t something we say, it is something we believe in. As a new insurance agent looking for insurance jobs “near me”, having been in your shoes at one point in time, we know how important it is to have access to knowledgeable, seasoned agents that have seen a thing or two in their day. We provide all our agent’s invaluable resources and financial support to propel your business as an independent agent or broker into the future. With our help, we will help alleviate the administrative workload required to see the process through end to end, we help cover your marketing expenses by paying up to 50% of the costs, we have a dynamic commissions system to ensure commissions are paid on time, and we work with agents to truly develop their business into a thriving world-class agency.

How The Premier Agency Can Help Seasoned Agents

As a seasoned agent, you know all too well some of the obstacles you need to overcome when trying to run your own business. Things like lack of capital, administrative tasks, marketing, and advertising, creating a business plan, and more can really create an unnecessary burden on you. Overall, we see all too often these issues impacting the financial success of an agency and the service provided to a client. At The Premier Agency, we are here to solve these issues by helping provide you the tools and resources you need to stay on top of your game.
Whether it is access to capital or helping cover a portion of your marketing expenses, we can help. Growing your business typically requires some capital. Getting leads typically requires access to effective marketing and advertising programs. Many agents also find themselves spending the majority of their time processing applications, crafting marketing material, tracking commission payments, building a follow-up funnel, the list goes on. This means less time in the field selling and connecting with current clients. However, with our web-based agent portal, administrative tasks are streamlined. Certifications and training are all clearly outlined. Many of these normally burdensome items accomplished on the go with mobile technology. This includes a CRM for your book of business, lead tracking, viewing commission statements, submitting applications, and more.

In addition to our ever-growing list of agent programs, all of our partners have access to the unparalleled service and support that has continually set The Premier Agency apart from the competition. Our team becomes an extension of your team!

Sales Support, Agent Services, & Benefits

In addition to our ever-growing list of agent programs, all of our partners have access to the unparalleled service and support that has continually set us apart from the competition.

Sales Support


Coordinated Certification Trainings & Support


Compliance & Allegation Support


One-on-One assistance from Certified and Licensed Sales Staff


Submission Department to simplify the submission process and verify all your applications


Marketing Support across Multiple Languages


Contracting Team to Maintain Your Good-Standing with All the Different Carriers

Agent Services


Event Reporting & Coordination


Market Analysis & Strategies


Dedicated Commission Discrepancy Department


Access to Carrier Supplies and Sales Kits



Agent Portal & CRM with Online Enrollment


Agent Access to Office Space, Equipment, Mail & Supplies


Pre-Approved Presentations & Sales Material


Frequent Commission Payments


Giveaways & Event Promo Materials Provided at No Cost


Top-Level Commissions


Agent Referral Bonus Program


More Carrier Partners


How Many Hours Is An Insurance Agent Expected To Work?


How Long Does It Take To Become a Medicare Agent?

Just like any Career , it takes a year or two of strong dedication to gain credibility and momentum. Consider this – Many people spend 4 to 10 years in collage hoping that when they leave with their diploma, they will be offered a high paying Job in the field that they desire. The Medicare Space typically takes 2 years for someone to build a lucrative high paying career, They typically have no student debt, and they have flexibility in their schedule as they are their own boss. They have also established skills that are easily transferable to corporate Jobs with Insurance Companies, Medical Groups, and Service Based Industries.

Is Being An Insurance Agent Stressful?

It certainly can be if you are not willing to commit yourself to it full time. This business does not give back full time pay for part time effort.

What Skills Are Needed To Be An Insurance Agent?

Basic Human Kindness goes far in this industry. Not being driven by the commission but by the outcome and results in our clients lives and their wellbeing is what drives the big commissions.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Licensed Insurance Agent?

This process can take a few weeks or a few months. This is truly dependent on how good of an independent studier you are.

What Are The Duties Of A Medicare Insurance Agent?

Have compassion for the folks that need our guidance the most and truly desire results for our clients. We need to be there for them as their life changes because it will and they will have new needs or new expectations out of their health plan. It is our job to remain educated and driven to know this industry.

Are Insurance Agents In Demand?

Absolutely. There are more members than we know what to do with. The industry is prime for new agents.

What Schooling Do You Need To Be An Insurance Agent?

None, you just need to pass your insurance exam.

Can An Insurance Agent Work At Home?

Absolutely. We have many agents that run their business out of a home office.

What Benefits Do Insurance Agents Receive?

The Benefit of setting your own expectations of what you want out of life – creating your schedule, being the driving force behind your results and your paycheck.

What Is The Difference Between A Captive Insurance Agent And An Independent Insurance Agent?

Captive agents work as employees for specific insurance companies or agencies. They are not their own boss technically. They answer to the Company they represent. Independent agents are exactly that. They are Independent and run their business the way they want to run it. However, it is on them to be sure they are putting systems in place to support their growth.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Insurance That A Medicare Insurance Agent Can Sell?

Medicare Agents often sell Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D Drug plans, Supplemental products such as dental and vision and Long term/Short Term Care insurance policies.

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