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Years of Insurance Experience

The Premier Agency was founded in 2017 and was established with a few strong fundamental principles, the primary one being “Support.”

Co-founders, Justin J. Heubach and Brent M Crawley, are two industry veterans who have both accumulated nearly 17 years of industry experience and knowledge. The practice of bringing on as many agents as possible but not having a game plan to support them and help them grow with a “hands-on” process was something that many agents in business know all too well. The Premier Agency was created with a sound understanding of what it “would” be as well as what it “would not” be.

Brent Crawley

Brent Crawley

Co-Founder, President of Sales & Distribution

Brent, cut his teeth working as a sales leader in the local market for several years and working at an intensely competitive local Arizona firm for the last nine years before the start of The Premier Agency. Brent moved his way up the rankings to become a top Field Trainer & Manager and began leading his team in creative ways to hit more significant numbers each month. Brent made it known quickly that he enjoyed helping others grow, and he was good at it. Production would always reflect his creative mindset and ideas to help his team. Brent became not only a Top Trainer & Manager at one of the top agencies in Arizona, but he also was one of the top producing brokers for the company Justin was working for at the time. Brent brings many years of sales development and team leadership strategy to the company, and he is the President of Sales & Distribution.

Justin Heubach

Justin Heubach

Co-Founder, President of Operations & Recruiting

Justin earned his stripes in the corporate world. He spent several years learning the in’s and out’s of the major insurance companies, supporting the local brokers and customers of those insurance companies. Gaining years of experience and has a unique style of helping his team. Justin quickly earned a reputation as a “here’s my cell phone number” kind of guy. He took his business seriously, and he was a relationship guy from day one. Justin brings an inside understanding of processes and compliance to the agency as the President of Operations and Recruitment.

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